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Thursday, October 27, 2011 este o noua publicatie online care face senzatii. Noutatea cu care vine acest site este faptul ca publicatia este scrisa chiar de catre cititorii sai.

Asadar, este o publicatie scrisa de catre cititorii sai, fiind declarata publicatia cetateanului jurnalist. Este un loc de promovare pentru bloggeri, jurnalisti si pentru oricine doreste sa-si exprime ideile in articole foarte, foarte interesante!

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Isn't she quite a little star?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Is she human? Is she a future star? Is she here? Is she real? Does she need your support? The answer to all these questions is a big definite "YES!" and you can support her on Youtube and HERE by voting her video. You may not know her yet, but just imagine how happy you'll feel in a few years when she'll be on the cover of many international music magazines with her delightful appearance and her amazing voice! She's Andreea Necsulescu aka Hungarian Nekshu from Romania and this is the last time you'll ever see her alone, without all the money and women and the fame and the whatnot ... Enjoy ...


My perfect day in less than 1 minute

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This video shows a perfect day in my opinion and it's all wrapped into just one minute ... If you have better days that you are willing to share with us ... just respond to our Youtube video here ...

Or you can watch us on Vimeo, depends on your taste ... Have a perfect day and enjoy!

My perfect day in less than 1 minute from genTVgen on Vimeo.


back to the drawingboard ...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Well everybody, we just took a spin on the online world and we decided to launch genTVgen with the first episode of our series "back to the drawingboard".
The soundtrack of this little delightful video is provided to you by The Rascals with their best song(in our opinion), "It's a beautiful morning" and the rest is just our way of making things happen!

We hope you'll like our first project and if so, follow us for our future episodes! Enjoy ...

back to the drawingboard from genTVgen on Vimeo.

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