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Vagina Humor

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm sure that all you ladies out there had problems with exposing your vagina in public through out the years . Well , here we have a woman that actually cares about your daily problems when your going to work , to school or when you just want to take a simple walk . I think that the advice given by this video could and should be useful anytime , anywhere . And remember ladies , the world is your little playground . Enjoy !
Hide your vagina !

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Topless in the Park

What a girlfriend indeed ... she is very nice , looking very good , great body but ... Why is she doing this in public ? Why would any woman do such a thing on camera for our eyes to enjoy ? I really don't have any answers for these questions but all I can say is that she is a very pretty girl and this is a very nice short video to watch . I bet that some of you guys are thinking of going to Poland soon ... Enjoy !
Topless in the park

More good stuff from abuxombeauty on Vimeo.


Running Jesus-The Game

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I hope you'll enjoy this without thinking that you are a sinner for playing such a game ... Very funny , worth to try ! Have a great time ... Enjoy !

Running Jesus -The Ultimate Game- Games - Running Jesus
Running Jesus

Take up the role as Jesus of Nazareth as you leg it down this 100m track. Come On You Saint!

Play this free game now!!

This game is brought to you by OnlineGames.NET


Just a Bug

Sometimes we all get scared of bugs ... but how do we really react when the problem can't be solved or if the problem , in this case a bug , will not go away ? How ? This is the question ... The guys from tried to show us in their own particular way how you solve an insect problem . You don't call an exterminator or your mother , you take matters into your own hands ! The results ? Watch and learn people , watch and learn ... Enjoy !
Solving the problem ...


Happy Birthday !

4 men jingle

These are the best two "happy birthday" videos I found on the net . We all know the song , but not all of us are in theme with the interpretations in these clips . I had fun watching and listening to these songs maybe just for the fact that I loved the animation used for these videos . If you have a special someone that has his birthday coming up , I can't see any harm in dedicating a very nice song just to make them feel special . Enjoy ...
Space B-day


hand for a penis

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Although this may sound like an exchange offer ... it's not . This is just the name of a show I found on , a show that I personally don't enjoy that much . The reason why I posted this video is very simple . I thought I saw everything there was to see referring to ideas for TV or website shows ... I was proven wrong once again by this guy that had this "brilliant" idea for a show , named "hand for a penis" . I hope this will be a first time for you , as it was for me , otherwise some of you may have serious problems if you have seen this kind of shows before . Anyway , enjoy !
The Show

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Beautiful Morning

Thursday, October 23, 2008

What a beautiful morning . I really like the way this guy imagined his morning and the way he shared it with us . I think that he put quite an effort in making this short video and although short , this clip captures everything that most of us do after we get up from our worm bed . One more time , great effort , nice clip ... congratulations ! Enjoy ...
Morning Time

My Morning Movie from peter kvamme on Vimeo.


Pure Love

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pure love is very hard to find and because it's so hard to find , it's so hard to explain . Once you have pure true love you should never walk out on it ... you may turn out like this guy , composing letters to your ex in a stand up club late at night. I'm not saying he's wrong , I actually agree with him ... I'm not going to say more about this video because I will only ruin it for you . Watch and try to understand . Enjoy !

Oh ... How I miss you !


There's nothing you can do ...

There's nothing you can do about the process of ageing ... This clip is a short demonstration of how things in life work ; the way mother nature works . We all get old , we all die , you can't go back to the way you were ... you simply can't ! Don't be scared of the simple pleasures in life . Enjoy !

Time and Time

White Winter Hymnal from Grandchildren on Vimeo.


Slippers never slip !

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Never leave your shoes behind ... shoes are meant to be used on your feet , almost all the time . Watch what happens when you leave your shoes somewhere , thinking that nothing wrong can happen . Think again ! There's always someone waiting for the perfect moment to make a prank ; some people live for these kind of moments ! Next time be more careful , this time laugh your hurt out ! Enjoy ...
Slippers never slip

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No Pants !

Friday, October 17, 2008

I need another dream ! I need another dream because this one , daily life without pants just became true . I love the idea of different people that don't know each other can walk around at the subway without pants on . i think that this is the best way to make people enjoy life and to get out of the daily routine . It's just great , imagine life without pants , nothing to hide , no one to judge ! Once again , I need another dream ! I need another dream like this to come true ... Enjoy !

A ride with the subway ...

No Pants 2k8 from ImprovEverywhere on Vimeo.


Autumn ...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

During this time , a lot of people get depressed because they get hit by that strange feeling that autumn gives to everybody ... I'm not against autumn like most of the people I know , because I kind of like the sensation of cold rain on my skin ... very refreshing . So if you like autumn just a little bit , I strongly recommend you watch this short clip , what a rime ... Enjoy !
Autumn Feeling ...

That Autumn Feeling from Efehan on Vimeo.


Live like Mario

I'm sure that a lot of you have thought about living in a video game . Imagine living in the video game Mario ... How would that be ? How would that sound like ? I think that this teenage girl managed to give us a little idea about how life with video gaming sound would be like ... I would love to live like this at least one day , I'm sure I wouldn't get bored not even a little bit , not even at all ... Enjoy !

Electronic Life


Terrorist Chit-Chat

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Although this clip is very old , I never stop laughing whenever I come across it so I decided to post it on the blog . I hope you'll remember laughing about it one year ago or if you haven't seen it yet I hope you'll have a good laugh because this war doesn't even deserve our attention ... And remember the old hippy saying : "Make love ! Not War !" Enjoy !
Have a good War !

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The weather is fine ...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another TV Blooper

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Don't we all change the channel when the weather is about to start ? Don't we hate that the real news are over and we have to listen to a lame man or a woman standing in front of a map that isn't even there ? Whatever you say , I won't believe you ! I know the truth ! We all look for something else on TV just to avoid the weather news ... Well , this is one weather forecast that made me think twice from now on before changing the channel ! I'm really sorry I didn't see it live but anyway ... Enjoy !


Paris Hilton-Fake President

Friday, October 10, 2008

You just have to love this video . The discussion , the scenario , the actors , the way it is shot , the actors ... you have to love everything about it ! The short clip below is trying to show us how we can resolve the fake issues of our lives , with fake advice from , of course a fake president .
By the way , don't forget to fake vote for Paris Hilton ! She deserves to be the next fake president of the USA ! Enjoy !

Fake Presidential Advice

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Save a Model !

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Supermodels need your help NOW !!!

Untitled from awesome on Vimeo.

This very hilarious idea for a campaign made me realise that not only the children from Africa , people with cancer , starving men and women from third world countries and so on , need our help ... I understood that there's another very big problem in the world wright know ... the models ! Who will help aspiring models to become what they really want ; like being on the next cover of "Miss Seventeen" or "Playboy" or other intellectual stuff like that . Who ? You tell me ! Watch and learn how a campaign is made . Enjoy !


The wright to have SEX

Ugly people need ... SEX

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I think that everybody has the wright to have sex with a woman , a man or with an animal , it depends from person to person . I give this Eddie Murphy video 2 thumbs up! He always was one of my favourite comedians ... I think you'll have a great time watching this commentary on ugly people and their wright to have sex ... Enjoy !


off the air in the '40s

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This is a cartoon that viewers from the '40s weren't allowed to watch . In 1942 when this cartoon was designed , the government at that time decided that this cartoon is inappropriate for people nation wide so they cancelled the show after only one episode. Most viewers were really upset when they heard that this little bungle of joy that they liked so much just by seeing the first episode was off the air . I'm not saying that this cartoon is a work of art or that it's so funny that I can't stand the fact that it was banned in the '40s but I just wanted to show how much we've evolved trough out the decades . What seemed to be inappropriate then ... seems more than normal now ... I guess that's just the way things work in life ... Enjoy !

Humor from the '40s

Censored Cartoon From 1942 from david feldman on Vimeo.


Love Story

I want all of you to know that I am a sucker for love stories ... I live for stories like this ; I hope everybody I know will have a story like this ; I hope everybody I don't know will have a story close to the one in the video ... I really like the whole idea , I like the music selected for this clip , what can I say more : I love everything about it ! I hope you will be dazzled by the beauty of it all . Everybody needs a certain person , a loved one , just to call them "baby" ! Love you baby ... Enjoy !

Beautiful Love Story

A SHORT LOVE STORY IN STOP MOTION from Carlos Lascano on Vimeo.


Save the Planet !

Sunday, October 5, 2008

In order to save the planet , at least what's left of it , the Animal Planet Channel gave us viewers this different approach , another way of looking at things , all in hope that we will try to keep our planet a much cleaner and healthier place to live in.
This animated video is , in my opinion , by far the best "Save the Planet" campaign I've seen until now because they have recreated a fun world , where animals eat light green grass , talk and in this case , sometimes ... blush . I was relived after seeing this campaign clip just for the fact that it was different , new , catchy and it wasn't boring at all ... surprising ! I also believe(just joking around) that this is a special dedication for Indian viewers(you should know why!). Enjoy !

Save the Planet


Love them ...

I don't really like cats all that much but there's something about these little creatures in the video that makes me want to take them all home , of course ... I will not . Look at their reactions on the music beats , you just have to love them all . It's amazing how sometimes animals , in this case cats , can bring out the best in people ; there are no bad thoughts running trough your mind when you look at them , you just have the pure pleasure that these little cats offer you while viewing .
I hope this video will bring at least a little smile on your face and for a few seconds maybe you'll forget about other problems that you have on your mind . Enjoy !

The amazing cats

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

We all know the quote "Impossible is nothing" . I subscribe to this affirmation because I really think that there's nothing you can't do if you put your mind to work. Einstein once said that "imaginations is sometimes more important than knowledge" and he was laughed at when saying so ... then , curiously he was proven wright by all modern science inventions . They all have one thing in common : Nothing believed that they could be done ! This pictures may seem impossible to recreate in the material world but then again who believed that we can clone animals , who believed that man could fly and last but not least , who believed that we can send men out in space ? The answer is nobody ! Every great mind trough out history was punished or accused that their beliefs were wrong and dangerous for human kind but it's those great minds of the world that got us where we are today ... So remember , NOTHING is impossible as long as YOU believe in it ...

The Maze



Friday, October 3, 2008

This song by Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers makes me want to go back in time . Don't you ever wonder how that musical era was ? Didn't you wish at least one time to go back to the classics ? I for one did ... This song makes me think that music today is just a pour replica of music and art from the past . Look at this band performing without a DJ or a lot of electronics involved , singing live , not playback , how can you not love their music ? For me , this is what they should call art , this is a pure genuine song ... Listen and enjoy , a simple pleasure for your ears ...

Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers

... song dedicated for a very special someone ...


Mac vs. PC

Mac or PC ? What do you prefer ? People have different opinions on this subject because that's just how people are . Anyway ... are you a Mac lover or a PC fan ? Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages , for example , gamers will be much happier with a PC because Mac's are not made for that type of entertainment but on the other hand PC's are more vulnerable an less user friendly than Mac's , this being a big thumbs up for Mac users . In the end , it's your call , your decision to make ... Enjoy !

Mac vs. PC

Mac vs. PC ... again


Sexy Killer

I found this video to be extremely funny because I really had no idea what to expect from the title . I liked this show very much because it felt so real at first and it was only after I looked at the name of the channel when ... when I got the idea . A good one if I may say so ... So people all around the world , look out for that sexy killer , you never know who she's going to attack next ... Enjoy !

Smooth Criminal


The Chicken or The Egg ?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Who do you think that came out first ? Be honest ! You thought about this at least one time when you had nothing else on your mind . Well , I did some research and the results I came across were amazing : Nobody knows the answer to this silly old question ! We can send a man in space , land on the Moon , clone animals and create nuclear bombs but we can't find the answer to this question . This video will probably help you , or not ... didn't help me ! Enjoy !

You tell me !


The Real Dracula

Vampires ? Please ! Come on , some people have nothing else to do than to pretend that they are "true blood" vampires , that they feed on blood and they can't stand sun light .
These people should be locked up for insanity , because the legend of Dracula is ... and this may come as a shock for some of you ... a LEGEND ! Vampires are as real as dragons and unicorns so if you haven't seen dragons or unicorns on the streets , than probably no vampire will attack you soon . I bet that if Dracula(Vlad Tepes) was still alive he would not believe his eyes what he lived to see ... so many so called vampires . Be afraid of this psycho , first he gets the blood out of you , than he drinks it from a glass . Exactly like legendary vampires would do ...

Another Vampire


Beauty or Brains ?

Take a look at this beautiful young woman from South Carolina . Don't you just love her ? I for one certainly did until she started talking . How can some women put beauty over brains is still a big mystery for me . I'm not saying that they should stay in a library until they turn 30 and then go outside into the real world , but ladies , please ... please try to alternate good looks with brains . I'm certain that I'm not the only one that thinks that beauty with brains is a great combination ! Enjoy the beauty of it all ...

Great job girl!


fashion ... victims

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

In my opinion the world of fashion is the most idiotic world of them all . For me , this is a world that doesn't actually exist . Different people have different tastes so who can say what is stylish and what isn't . Some people , mostly reach people have the odd impression that they are somehow special and so they should do and wear special things . Here is were fashion creators come in , they start chopping off some material and put a large price on the item , tell customers that this is the latest trend in fashion world wide and this is how they sell clothes for money you could by cars , apartments or other useful things .
How would you react if you were to see somebody on the streets or in any public place dressed like these women over here ?

Would you be afraid and run away thinking that these women are from the future or would you start laughing in their faces ?
Anyway , I think that the true fashion victims are the people that pay enormous prices for these type of clothes that have nothing to do with the real world , instead of the people that are dressed bad for the occasion or have colors that don't match ...
So watch and remember next time when you look at a "Goocci" , think again ...


Some girls ...

Some girls are simply not the sharpest knives in the drawer . Take this two girls(if you want) that had nothing to do on a Saturday night , so they decided to play a game , do a trick , I don't know ,you decide ! How can this happen ? Just watch !

2 stupid girls

This girl is a genuine starlet , some may say diva ! Just let yourselves be amazed by her moves and grace . Guys , she's one in a million so watch out ! Remember , never pick your wife from a night club ... you never know how your kids will turn out ! Enjoy ...

Dancing Queen


Call 911! No!

This video shown on TV stands out as one more proof that not all policemen are men of law ! Take a look at how these men in uniforms "take care" of this drunk girl that walks in the Police Station , just see how they handle her . If this is how justice is made ... I prefer to be an uncaught outlaw for the rest of my life . Anyway , next time think twice before calling the police , you never know ...
Call 911


Bad Jokes!

We all had our problems in high school ... Some of our classmates used to play practical jokes on us , we used to play practical jokes on them and so on , so on .We also used to do this kind of stuff to friends at home and sometimes even with teachers at school , but we never tried to do something this bad and funny at the same time to anybody for all I can remember ... Enjoy !

A silly game !

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