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Monday, July 27, 2009

The idea of this game came to me one morning while I was standing alone on my couch , having a cup of coffee and just kicking back ...
What if you could write your own novel ? Wouldn't it be great ? Wouldn't it be even more great if we could write it together ? Well ... maybe it won't be that great ... but it will still be a lot of fun just to see where this can go . Just to see how many people can come together in writing a story .
It doesn't matter what country you come from , doesn't matter the language , doesn't matter your religion ... it just doesn't matter at all as long as everybody has a small contribution to this story we are about to start ! So let's give it a go , shall we ?

Here are the rules of this TAG Story :
#1 You have to copy the whole story with the links of the people that wrote before you(all the people , not just the person ahead of you) .
#2 When you start the TAG Story you have to give your trackback link(you have to say who gave you the tag and copy the whole story from his blog on your blog) .
#3 You have to continue the story from the place where the person before you left it .
#4 After you have finished writing your part of the story(you can write it in any language) place your blog's link at the end so everybody can know who wrote that little piece of art(and also to make it easier to track other versions of the story) .
#5 Give the TAG to someone else . And remember , the more -> the merrier !
#6 Enjoy !

P.S. The best stories will be published ! If they ever get an ending ...

The Story

Is it me ? Is it you ? Is it him or her ?
No ! It's us ...

He had everything going for him ... He never wasted any opportunity . The best part of it all was that no matter what she said , no matter how she said it , it always made him laugh . He didn't even know why , he just laughed his head of whenever he got the chance .
Most of you probably think that he was on pot , but was he ?
Of course he was doing drugs , no woman can ever be that funny !
So every day ... they were getting higher and higher ... ( )

The TAG goes to Kylle, Boris, Michelle and Chris ... and to anyone willing to make this one of the best stories online ...

Enjoy ...

1 Laughing Comments:

Boris Tuesday, July 28, 2009 6:41:00 AM  

hey there Vlad, just finished posting my contribution to the story. thanks for tagging me :)

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