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My Dick! You know it ...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Come on everybody ... you know the song so stop pretending that you don't know the lyrics to it! Everybody loves this song! Everybody is singing it and most of all ... everybody feels it! This song became very popular after the movie Harold and Kumar II where it was one of the best of audio theme creation from the soundtrack. So guys, for those of you that feel like they're being represented by this excellent music video, sing with us ... "My dick is bigger than a bridge/Your dick, looks like a little kid's!" Try it, Sing it, Pass it on ... Enjoy!

Mickey Avalon - My Dick The Lyrics click on the title to access the lyrics website!

My dick cost a late night fee,
Your dick got the HIV.
My dick plays on the double feature screen,
Your dick went straight to DVD.

My dick bigger than a bridge,
Your dick look like a little kids.
My dick large like the chargers (the whole team),
Your shit look like you're fourteen.

My dick locked in a cage (right),
Your dick suffer from stage fright.
My dick so hot its stolen,
Your dick look like Gary Coleman.

My dick pain and big,
Your dick stinks like shit.
My dick got a
Your dick needs a tweezer dude.

My dick is like supersize,
Your dick look like two fries.
My dick more mass than the Earth,
Your dick half staff (it needs work).

My dick been there done that,
Your dick said so
My dick, V.I.P.,
Your shit needs I.D.

[Repeat: 2x]
It's time that we let the world know,
Dude, you gotta let your girl go.
D.S. is the best in the business,
P.s. we got dicks like jesus.

My dick need no introduction,
Your dick don't even function.

My dick served a whole lunch-in,
Your dick, it look like a munchkin.

My dick size of a pumpkin,
Your dick look like Mackauley Culkin.
My dick good good lovin',
Your dick good for nothin'.

My dick bench pressed 350,
Your dick couldnt shotlift at thrifty.
My dick pretty damn skimpy,
Your dick hungry as a hippy.

My dick don't fit down the chimney,
Your dick is like a kid from the Philippine.

My dick is like an M16,
Your dick, broken vending machine.

My dick parts the seas,
Your dick

My dick rumble in the jungle,
Your dick got touched by your uncle.

My dick goes to yoga,
Your dick fruit roll up.

My dick grade a beef,
Your dick made a geek.

My dick sick and dangerous,
Your dick quick and painless.

My dick 'nuff said.,
Your dick

[Repeat: 2x]
It's time that we let the world know,
Dude, you gotta let your girl go.
D.S. is the best in the business,
P.s. we got dicks like jesus.

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