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99 problems

Monday, November 3, 2008

I was tagged today by my friend Alice(thank you very much by the way!) to write 99 things about ... about whatever . Anyway , it goes a little something like this ...

1.I got 99 problems
2.But a bitch ain't one !
3.The number of months I waited for sexual intercourse
4.I love football
5.Fingers on one hand
7.Guys hit on me on the subway
8.I hate people who ask "What's up?"
9.I love people that say "Hey!Is it up?"
10.I smoke way to much!
11.I don't drink as much as I should
12.I'm sexy
13.In my own way
14.People like having me around ... the house
15.I like stakes
16.I hate vegetarians ; they think they are so much better than us
17.I hate religious freaks
18.I hate Alice for tagging me!
19.Thank you again for this simple pleasure of the mind you gave me !
20.Minutes ago I started doing this
21.Is the legal age in many countries
22.nd May , the day I was born
23.Humor is my little way of getting through life
24.I admire people like me(yes , I am not unique!)
25.My favorite TV sitcom is Seinfeld
26.My favorite movie is 10 things I hate about you
27.Jim Carey and Adam Sandler are great(my opinion)
28.I like reggae music very much
29.I never have just sex , I have sex with feelings
30.You can call it "love"
31.I love you baby!
32.I believe in God
33.I enjoy baths although lately I only take showers
34.My fetish - Pigtails
35.I'm a Gemini(zodiac)
37.I stay up way past my bed time almost every night
38.I don't speak Japanese(my bad!)
39.I hate cross puzzles
40.I hate Scrabble
41.I really like playing Monopoly
44.If I see something I go for it ...
45.At least until the Police comes
46.I enjoy fish tanks but I never had fish of my own
47.I'm still typing
48.Fight me now ! You have the chance , don't blow it
49.You should really download the toolbar
50.I rarely use porn(of any kind)
51.I like chickens(for real)
52.I just can't wait to finish to tag somebody else
53.I'm not that pleased with the person who came up with this idea
54.Anyway , he made a good job
55.I visit very often
56.You should 2!
57.Never had a Ferrari
58.I grew up in a lovely town
59.I'm currently using Windows not Mac
60.If there was a pretty tax to pay ... I'd be broke
61.I have viewers from over 60 countries , just bragging
63.You all can contact me at
64.I never understood Physics
65.I was never great at maths either
67.My favorite cigarettes are Lucky Strike Filters
68.I know they are not good for my health , but I love them so ...
69.Yes please !
70.I don't like little kids and old people
71.I have nothing against them if they don't bother me
72.I can't swim
73.I can't burp on command(true story)
74.I prefer mountains instead of the seaside
75.I'm very lazy but I make it up in other ways
76.I love to snowboard
77.Grass Hockey is a sport made for women
78.Nobody should have sex until they get married!
79.I'm usually ironic
80.Sarcasm is beautiful
81.My decisions are almost always last minute
82.This is my grandmothers age
83.I can't go to sleep if I'm not standing on my right side
84.I have a bigger brother(his birthday is on the 4th this month)
85.All the names in my family start with a "V"
86.This is my weight in kilograms
87.Wow 87 , I don't think I'll live that much
89.Revolution year in Romania
90.Almost over ?
91.Sex in public is the best(I think)
92.I need sexual healing baby
93.Because it's good for us
94.Nobody should tell you what to do !
95.But you should listen to what they say
96.You never know when something good may come up
97.Just smile and look pretty ! This is what I do ...
98.Impossible is nothing ! I finished ... and here comes
99.Lesce',Disphunktional and Marius ... TAG !!! YOU'RE IT !!!

2 Laughing Comments:

Anonymous Monday, November 03, 2008 11:26:00 AM  

18.I hate Alice for tagging me!
I love you too :))) haha and quit bragging about sexiness.

lesce Monday, November 03, 2008 11:01:00 PM  

eu nu ma joc leapsa >:P , daca vrei hai sa ne jucam de-a v-ati ascunselea, tu te ascunzi si eu te caut :))

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