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Tagged again ...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I've been tagged again ... This time by my friend Marius . I have to make a top about the 3 worst songs I've ever heard . It's not that difficult to do actually because I heard a lot of bad singing trough out the years , my only problem is that I have to choose only 3 . Shall we get started ? I'll take that as a "yes" . Don't Enjoy !

Rechinu-Omul zapezilor

This is a guy from Romania , probably rich enough to afford a high quality video but not smart enough to have someone around to tell him that he really really sucks . Anyway man , we are looking forward for your album .


Another hit from Sweden , you know him ... Basshunter the one and only ! This song is dedicated to all you guys out there that stay at home and play Dota(also known as living your life). Have a great Dota day ...

Shaquille O'Neal-I'm outstanding

Shaquille O'Neal is really outstanding ... on the court , definitely not in the music world . Please Shaq , stop with the singing , it's not doing you any good !
Lesce' ... TAG YOU'RE IT !!!

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