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Starting a TAG-game

Thursday, January 29, 2009

As we were surfing the web we've stumbled upon a blog that gave us the idea to start a "Tag! You're it!" game . The original idea seemed good but it was kind of primitive so we've decided to update it a little bit and do it our way , the best way(just having a few laughs) .
So this is how the TAG-game goes .
Every blogger that will be tagged needs to publish on his blog a picture . What picture you ask ?
Let me explain ...

The Rules of The Game
#1 You enter the folder on your computer where you keep all your pictures .
#2 You will keep track of your birth date in order to choose the folder and the picture like so : the month you were born will be the number of the folder you will select and your birthday is the number of the picture you will choose .
(EXAMPLE : If you are born on the 15th of February you will select the second folder and the 15th picture in it .) P.S. If you have less folders than the date you were born on you start counting from the top again until you reach your number . You have to do this for folders and pictures too .
#3 Publish your photo/picture(be honest !) .
#4 Give the TAG to somebody else !
#5 Enjoy ...

My Extraordinary Random Picture/Photo

So , I gave my folder photo and now it's your turn !
The TAG can go to everyone that wants to play this game , and please send a link of your TAG if you started playing the game .
I give the TAG to ... Alice , Cabral and Marius , TAG ! You're IT ! Enjoy & enjoy ...

1 Laughing Comments: Sunday, February 01, 2009 1:56:00 AM  

Hi. I'm forced to say "Thanks, but I pass."
I don't use folders, I'm an Mac user...

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